Noodle week

It’s been a while since the last time noodle week came around but it was inevitable. For those of you who have never lived near the breadline or have ever been students, noodle week happens when a bunch of bills come at the same time or you are forced to buy something unexpectedly and you will spend sometime eating mostly instant noodles. 

I rather enjoy the occasional bowl of noodles but they can get very dull if it’s your main source of sustenance for any extended period. If you ever find yourself in this situation I’d recommend adding an egg to the cooking process to make it feel more substantial as a meal. You could also pick up some very cheap cup a soup and add them together for a chicken noodle soup that costs pennies. 

On the upside, I’m going to assume that the antidepressants are starting to kick in as I’m not nearly as depressed about the prospect of copious noodle consumption as I should be.

Dinner and a movie with ⬆

I haven’t updated for a long while, mostly because I’ve been feeling very down. I’ve finally gotten round to seeing a doctor and have been prescribed antidepressants so hopefully things will start getting a little better soon.

I’m afraid that Deborahs’ mother passed away just over a week ago. We were unable to get any where near enough to get her over there but I think that she is going to use the funds raised to at least be able to send flowers. She moved into a new place, just before her mother passed away, that is more in keeping with her own health needs bit I’m staying I’m touch. It’s a sad situation but I’m very grateful for all the support that she was shown on here and I’ve made sure to pass on all of the best wishes sent by all of you.

That’s pretty much it for now but I’ll be sure to update again if anything worthy of talking about happens.

P.S. Good news from America, Trump seems to have definitively shown just what a monster he is so unless they are insane then there should be no chance of having him as president. 

Trumped up

I was asked the other day what I thought about Donald Trump and I replied, rather sarcastically, that I don’t. Truthfully I don’t like to think about Trump, his popularity says something about society that makes me very uncomfortable. 

His concentration on a combination of hate filled rhetoric combined with seemingly willful ignorance would disturb me if it were coming from someone poor and uneducated. Coming from someone rich and powerful it is terrifying. He has views comparable with those of a racist street thug but he combines them with the power and influence to actually make his hideous visions a reality. 

We have already seen the global damage that ignorant racism can cause with the Brexit here in the UK, I don’t want to consider those same qualities in the hands of the most powerful man in the world. Let’s just hope that reason and sanity win through and he never gets into the Whitehouse. 

By the way, anyone wanting to make a positive impact, please consider sharing the campaign for Deborah (link below).

Change, change, change

Age changes us all, physically, emotionally and mentally. One of the biggest changes in me in the last few years has been my attitude towards money, power and influence. 

As a young man I used to desire wealth. Having been brought up in a very poor household I wanted to be rich so that I could have all those things that were denied me by my humble birth. I wanted power so that I could feel important and relevant. I craved influence in order to gain respect and praise.

I still want money power and influence. But now I would like to be rich so that I can give other people the things that they truly need, rather than just to get things I think I want. I would like the power to change lives for the better. And I would like to have the influence to encourage others to help create a better world for everyone. 

I have no wealth, I’m just about scraping by and have little to give to others apart from my time. I have no power, I have had to rely on other peoples help in order to change my own life and I’m powerless to make a positive change in the lives of others. My sphere of influence is tiny, changing enough hearts and minds to make any real difference is beyond me.

So in order to be any kind of force for good I must start small, very small. I want to help a good woman in a bad situation. Her name is Deborah and she is around 4000 miles away from her terminally ill mother. She lost her father last year and it would be devastating for her to not be by her mothers side when she is taken. 

I don’t have the money to help her but if you have a little spare then please consider donating. I don’t have the power to change her life but if you can help in any way  I know that she would appreciate it. I don’t have the influence to make people see this but if you can share it on any social media platforms it could make a difference. 

I can’t reunite Deborah with her mother. Maybe together WE can. Please check out the link below.

An opportunity to help

Last week we had a new tenant move in to replace the awful one that left. I’m pleased to say that she is a delightful lady, her name is Deborah, she is in her sixties and is of West Indian descent. The other two housemates here are both young men, one a refugee from Somalia and the other a nice quiet young man from Pakistan. Since Deborah moved in she has been rushing round trying to take care of everyone despite her own medical problems and the boys have been trying to be as well behaved as possible so that she can relax and get better. They could probably make a pretty bad sitcom out of our current living situation.

Unfortunately after getting to know Deborah better I’ve found that despite her sunny, friendly nature she has some real serious problems. I’m not going into detail about everything that she has confided in me as that is not my place but I am going to ask for help.

Deborahs’ mother lives in Atlanta and is suffering from cancer. She already lost her father last year and now there is a strong chance that she will lose her mother too. I have helped her set up a fundraising page to try and help her raise the airfare to go and spend some time with her mum and I’d really like it if you could all share the page details as much as possible. I’m going to put the link here and I’ll also be tweeting it out a few times a day. 

She is a sweet woman who has spent her entire life looking after others and who now lives in a shared house with three strange men. I can’t change her life but I’d like to be able to give her the opportunity to say a proper goodbye to her mother. Any help would be appreciated.


Maybe I’m just ignorant about financial matters but I’ve never been able to see the positives in privatising public services. I fail to see how transferring ownership from a government which only needs to break even on a service to the private sector which will need to make a profit can benefit the users of that service. Surely the need for profit will mean that the service will be lessened in some way to maximise the return for private investors. 

Let’s use a theoretical example, assume that the country needs 1000 snowmobiles every year in order to function. Currently the government delivers these snowmobiles at a cost to the taxpayer of one million pounds per year. If we then privatise this service we will still need 1000 snowmobiles, so how does the private company supply them foe just one million pounds? The only ways they can do this and make a profit would be to either supply less than we need, supply poorer quality snowmobiles or pay their workers less. All of these are bad for the country and it is still costing the taxpayer the same amount. 

So why do it? I’m genuinely curious and would love it of someone could give me proper answer.

The good, the bad and the awesome 

The good news is that the horrible housemate is finally gone and I can feel relaxed at home again. Or can I? Sometime between Wednesday and Thursday my window was smashed as seen in the picture above. The object used to break it has fallen in between the two panes of glass.

The police have obviously been advised but as I never actually saw the window being broken and the hideous housemate was always careful to only make threats when there was no-one else around, he will probably get away with it. I’m left hoping that he has no further unpleasant plans. 

It’s a bad situation but I can take one very big positive away from it. Derventio Housing who rent the property are awesome. As well as offering their full support when contacting the police they have been with me every step of the way. On the day that the heinous housemate moved out they immediately changed the locks in case he had a copy of the key made. They even offered to move me to another property, which I declined as I like it here and I’m not letting a nasty little bully chase me out.

If anyone out there would like to support a charity that is doing truly great work in helping the homeless please check out their website and consider donating your time or money to aid them in their good work.