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Brexit? I’m for staying in


With the referendum only 2 days away we all need to think hard about the future of our country. That means setting aside patriotic nonsense and considering the real economic and political impact that leaving the EU would have on all of us.

Despite the widely discredited figures that the leave campaign claims that the EU costs us, virtually all of the big financial institutions warn us that leaving would mean households would be around £2000 worse of per year. Almost all large businesses based in the UK are against leaving and even most independent financial experts are warning that leaving could be disastrous.

Worse still, the leave campaign has offered no real plan of action to mitigate the loss of business and support that the EU offers.

On a purely financial basis the choice should be obvious.

Another big concern for the brexiteers has been the question of immigration. It is short sighted to believe that closing our borders to EU immigrants and asylum seekers would mean that there would be more work for British people. There would be less competition for jobs but, because of the inevitable economic downturn that would follow a leave vote, there would be less jobs available.

As to the question of security, I’d rather have a united European security force rather than have to deal with worldwide issues alone.

Everyone will ultimately have to make up their own minds but I would urge people to do so with thought and consideration. If you make your decision based purely on the mantra of “making Britain great again” you could end up doing just the opposite.


An idiots guide to being a decent human being


So apparently Donald Trump is calling for president Obama to resign and implying that he is responsible for the Orlando tragedy. I’m stunned by his callousness towards the people affected by this incident and horrified that there are apparently a large number of people who support his views.

What has happened in Florida should be the start of a real discussion about how we can all play a part in making a world where this kind of thing can never happen again. Instead it is being made into a political points scoring contest by heartless people with their own gross agendas.

This needs to be a time where all decent people put aside political differences and come together to say “NO MORE!”

No more violence, no more hatred, no more bigotry, no more sexism, no more homophobia. No more evil.

I’ve seen the worst that this world has to offer and it’s awful. We have all seen the results of violence and war, so how can we not want something better.

I’m lucky enough to have also seen the best this world has. Kindness, love, compassion. I wish that there was a political party that made these things their campaign promises.

I’m sorry if this seems like an unfocused rant but this whole situation has left me feeling sad, confused and angry. I don’t know how we can deal with this but I do know that now is not the time recriminations or campaigning. It’s time to heal, not just ourselves but the whole messed up world.



Earlier this week I read, and was deeply affected by, the story of a young woman being sexually assaulted by a callous young man. The only positive that I could take away from this whole hideous occurrence was that the victim in this had a level of strength and courage that was deeply inspiring. You can read more here if you have not done so already.

The sickening cruelty of the act is almost outweighed by the way in which the victim has been treated and the lightness of the sentence given to this human filth.

The truly saddest thing is that this is not just an isolated act of horror. Looking through the news this week I have seen stories of violence, rape and murder occurring all over the world. Just today I’m sure we have all read the details of the mass murder in Florida.

In my life I’ve seen thousands of news stories containing hideous acts of evil and have even been unfortunate enough to witness some with my own eyes. I cannot begin to understand what would motivate an individual or a group to inflict harm on another person and all my life I have been glad of my ignorance in these matters.

Now, however, I want to try and understand why these people do what they do. Not because I wish to feel any kind of empathy towards them but because I need to know what we should all be fighting against.

The stories that I have seen recently shouldn’t be categorised as feminist issues or racial issues, they shouldn’t be about sexuality or religion. They are about humanity. If we are to hold on to our humanity then every good person needs to stand up and say that we will no longer put up with this.

If you see a story about injustice, share it and tell the world that you condemn it. If you believe that you know of someone being harmed then report it and follow through until you are sure that it’s been dealt with. If you can do something, anything at all, that can help stem the tide of evil then please do it.

There is so much beauty and goodness in the world that is being eaten away by hatred and violence. We all need to take whatever stand we can against evil or it will destroy us all.

Book of the day


In light of the up and coming brexit vote this seems like a great pick for book of the day. It’s a discworld story about our attitudes towards foreigners.

I’m not going to give a synopsis for the story here as that takes a backseat to the morality of making assumptions about other countries. This book makes a serious case for inclusion while still being incredibly funny.

It is a must read at the moment not only because of brexit but it also sheds light on the issue that Americans are having with Trump.

Book of the day


Dean Koontz is one of the few horror writers that I enjoy as his books tend to be more adventures rather than gorefests. Intensity is one of my favourites from him.

It tells the story of a young woman’s encounter with a relentless serial killer and her quest to save a young girl from him. It’s told with a degree of immediacy that is very rare in literature and I found myself very engaged in the the story. If you enjoy a great edge of the seat ride in books or movies you will likely love this.

Book of the day


This is a much lighter read than many fantasy novels and follows the adventures of Jontom a student from America who is magically transported to a world inhabited by talking animals. He soon finds out however that they are not the cute and cuddly kind.

Soon after getting there he finds that songs from our world have magical consequences in his new home and he becomes embroiled in a war that will determine the fate of this wonderful new place.

This is a nicely written and often very silly book that I read as a teenager. Maybe not for hardcore fantasy lovers but a great distraction and if you do like it there are numerous sequels available.

Who’s a bloody idiot?


I’ll be updating the blog from the library again for the next week or so because apparently I’m too bloody thick to use a calendar. Less than a month after getting broadband put on I completely forgot the billing date and am going to miss the first payment tomorrow because I never left enough in the bank to cover it.

In my defence I am well ahead on my rent and household bills so I’m not completely useless. At least it’s not a vital bill so no real worries.

I spent a couple of hours this morning doing dishes at a breakfast club for the elderly as part of Swindon Volunteers. I absolutely love the feeling of just helping out, it’s so fulfilling. It looks like I’ll be at it twice a week for a while which is awesome. I’m also pretty sure that I was the youngest person in the building which is also a nice feeling.

I’ll probably still update about the same amount and I’ll see if I can get the broadband reconnected next week when I have some money. But I may not be able to answer people on twitter much after tonight until I get it taken care of.