Monthly Archives: October 2016

Noodle week

It’s been a while since the last time noodle week came around but it was inevitable. For those of you who have never lived near the breadline or have ever been students, noodle week happens when a bunch of bills come at the same time or you are forced to buy something unexpectedly and you will spend sometime eating mostly instant noodles. 

I rather enjoy the occasional bowl of noodles but they can get very dull if it’s your main source of sustenance for any extended period. If you ever find yourself in this situation I’d recommend adding an egg to the cooking process to make it feel more substantial as a meal. You could also pick up some very cheap cup a soup and add them together for a chicken noodle soup that costs pennies. 

On the upside, I’m going to assume that the antidepressants are starting to kick in as I’m not nearly as depressed about the prospect of copious noodle consumption as I should be.


Dinner and a movie with ‚¨Ü

I haven’t updated for a long while, mostly because I’ve been feeling very down. I’ve finally gotten round to seeing a doctor and have been prescribed antidepressants so hopefully things will start getting a little better soon.

I’m afraid that Deborahs’ mother passed away just over a week ago. We were unable to get any where near enough to get her over there but I think that she is going to use the funds raised to at least be able to send flowers. She moved into a new place, just before her mother passed away, that is more in keeping with her own health needs bit I’m staying I’m touch. It’s a sad situation but I’m very grateful for all the support that she was shown on here and I’ve made sure to pass on all of the best wishes sent by all of you.

That’s pretty much it for now but I’ll be sure to update again if anything worthy of talking about happens.

P.S. Good news from America, Trump seems to have definitively shown just what a monster he is so unless they are insane then there should be no chance of having him as president.