Amazon worrier

So last night I met a bunch of people that I’m going to be spending an awful lot of my time with for the foreseeable future, they seemed OK. I have a new full time permanent job with Amazon. You’re probably wondering what position they have offered me, managing director? CFO? Not exactly, I’m a night shift parcel sorter in a brand new local distribution depot.

On the whole I’m feeling fairly positive about it but I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t also worried about every aspect of my life and scared of the future. Working a night shift is going to be challenging considering that I live in a shared house right next to a busy main road. Then there is the distance to work, it’s just over 4 miles which I’m going to be walking for the next couple of weeks until I get paid, it adds about 3 hours to my working day and is going to get old really fast. Of course the biggest problem is going to be trying desperately to pretend to be a normal person night after night, it’s hard enough doing that for even small amounts of time.

Overcoming all of these things will be tough but hopefully it will also be worth it.


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