I like to move it, move it

It’s been an age since my last update because I’ve been insanely busy. Black Friday was unbelievably hectic, lots of long hours and hard work but I honestly loved every minute of it. Now I’m looking forward to the big Christmas rush.

Another reason I’ve been busy is that I have been looking for a new place to live. The old place was only ever intended to help get homeless people back on their feet and now that I am it’s best for me to leave place for someone who needs it more. The good news is that when you’re working finding a new place isn’t nearly as difficult as it was when I was homeless and I’m writing this from my new home.

It’s a small studio flat, I have my own little kitchen and I share a bathroom with one other man. I haven’t met him yet as he works days and I work nights but that suits me very well. The place is much quieter than the old one as it’s not on a busy main road so it will be easier to sleep during the day. It’s also very reasonably priced and includes all bills so there should be no problems that can forsee.

On the whole I’m very happy with the move and how everything is going at the moment. On this day last year I spent my 43rd birthday sleeping in the stairwell of a carpark in Fareham, so much has changed since then. Who knows where we’ll all be I’m a years time.


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