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  1. Julie

    Hi Paul, I’m trying to make a donation through PayPal and I get an error message that says ‘the recipient only access payment through their website. Contact them for instructions or to get their email address’. I am not sure how it’s set up but currently just using the PayPal.me link in your biography is not allowing me to pay. Not sure if you’ve had payments coming in through PayPal, which would mean it’s an issue on my end – else might be worth investigating. Either way, could you indicate your email address so I can make a small donation? Also, might be worth adding a contact form to your blog so people can get in touch if they can help? Thank you, Julie

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    1. homelessandsad Post author

      I have only received 2 small amounts through PayPal and don’t really know that much about it but I’m sorry tour having trouble with it. My email address is robboscouse@gmail.com . I’ll be sure to put that in the top of my blog as it’s always nice to hear from people no matter how they get in touch. Thanks in advance for the donation ­čÖé


  2. Shelby

    I am not meaning to sound negative but I am asking why you don’t look for employment. As I read your blog…and I just started…I see nothing about Work or a Job. That seems the best way to pull yourself up permanently, no?


    1. homelessandsad Post author

      There is nothing negative in what you are asking, you’re absolutely right. It’s difficult to get a job when you are sleeping rough but it’s absolutely my first priority as soon as I find somewhere to live. There is nothing I want more than to live a normal regular life.



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